Monday, November 24, 2014

Smashed Windows

This week our school was broken into and some idiots broke into our school and smashed the windows. So here is a story about what I think about people breaking into our school.

WALT: Tell our audience what we think about our school being vandalised.

Seriously who smashes window. Really?!?! Friday is not the day to be smashing windows. Most of the kids had to split into different rooms because of the glass. Kaiako were exasperated with all the glass in the class. Our caretaker Pappy had to clean all the glass and nail in wooden boards. How do you think he feels? Well if you said exasperated , listless etc your right. He even stayed up for hours. I feel for him and us because we have to clean it and pay for all this slapdash. So I think we should take a stand and stick up for our school.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pink ribbon Day

Pink ribbon day is a day where you dress up pink and you bring a gold coin. It's just so all the woman with breast cancer will become better that's if they find a cure in time. Here is a presentation that I made for proof that pink day is something that we need to make a big deal about. I think I done really well but next time I should add a bit more. But anyway enjoy.

Maths with Whaea Ariana

Here is work that I have been doing before our old teacher Whaea Ariana prepared for me. I have a sheet that you can look at for an example. I think I answered them all right. But next time I need to make sure their right.

31st July 2014WALT - Use place value to find out answers for two digit multiplicationUsing your tens and ones framesRemember to show your working outeg. 43 x 740 x 7 = 280     or     4 x 7 = 2803 x 7 = 21280 + 21 = 301
62 x 3
93 x 5
47 x 8
75 x 6
58 x 9
24 x 12
49 x 6
53 x 8
66 x 8
98 x 6
22 x 10
84 x 4
38 x 6
52 x 9
54 x 9
82 x 8
34 x 6
59 x 9
74 x 8
97 x 12

Spelling reflection

This year when I change classes for reading we have to on this site which will teach me how to spell some words I've never spelt before. What I done well

Spelling Reflection

This year when I change classes for reading we have to on this site which will teach me how to spell some words I've never spelt before. What I done well was all the spelling but in some of them I need more help on how I got most wrong. Also sorry for some of the empty spaces I have I haven't done much spelling.

Maths Term 4

This year I have been changing classes and for maths we have been playing maths games that teach us what we want to learn. Heres a presentation of what I have been learning and what I have Achieved. I think I done well at trying but I need to try achieve some.

Friday, September 12, 2014


On Friday in 2014 there were 2 groups of boys they swarmed around likes bee’s excitedly waiting. Bullrush they charged through to the other side.

As Leshidus, Wiremu and Deacon run to the other side Jaecib, Ariki and Hoera tackle them down. Leshidus, Wiremu and Deacon were as outraged as a mad gorilla. They really wanted to fight. But there was a teacher around so they agree to do it after school.

Later after school they met at the park. They were all ready to fight till they heard one of the girls “ Sup boys what cha up to”. They all looked to each other from the corner of there eye’s and lie to the girls. So the girls sit and watch what was going to happen. Then the girls sit. Jaecib punches Deacon in the face. Deacon, Leshidus and Wiremu gang up on Jaecib and Ariki.

The girls blurt “stop stop! what are you fallas fighting for. Leshidus says “ They tackled us in bullrush! The girls laugh. “ Ain’t you supposed to do that”. “anyway it’s called bullrush for a reason”.

So they tell the boys to cut it out. “Well apologise to each other Madi vociferate. So they resolved the problem and never ever were to be seen again.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Daffodil Day

This is a bit of work that we done for inquiry. I done very well with doing all the decorations and making it pretty. Next time I need more info for you.

Daffodil Day

Why did the choose a daffodil to represent Cancer?
bloggif_53fbee0fa8c1b.gifThe Australian Cancer Counsel chose the daffodil as a symbol of hope for all those affected by cancer.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Chromebook Story

I am going to tell you
Why I like my chromebook?

I like my Chromebook because I get heaps of learning done. Like research is way easier to find rather than making your teacher do all the searching. Also It has a dictionary much easier than having to grab a dictionary and flipping through pages looking for the word you want. SO thats why I like MY chromebook.

It’s helped my learning by making it easier to find research and it helps me find words that I don’t understand. Plus its better than a book because when you make a mistake you can easily backspace it rather that having a bunch of crossed out words in your book. I can type faster too. I hear a lot of people saying I’m a fast typer. So thats what it means for my learning.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Stratergy Video

Today I was making a video to show you how to solve a stage seven stratergy. What I done well was the speaking. Next Time I will make it easier to explain.

Cross Country

Today we were writing about Cross Country 2014. What I done well was all the writing and stuff. Next time I will make a better story.


It was a icky , muddy, wet and cold day… But we didn’t care! It’s our Cross country

Once I reached the starting line my heart was pounding. I thought I would come last. I started getting apprehensive. Then 3, 2, 1 GO! I was overwrought I was thinking I am going to come last, I know it I just know it.

I Looked back. I saw heaps of girls. I saw my teacher and friends they were all cheering me on. Haaaa! Yes finally I made it. I had done pretty well 6th place better than last year. I felt proud and successful I was dehydrated but I made it. I was thinking man I am glad I am done.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My Recount

In my class long time ago I wrote a recount about what I done in the weekends. What I done well was all the writing. Next Time I will make sure I post this earlier.


WALT: Write a recount using our mind map.


One scorching hot Sunday afternoon me and the rest of my family went to the back of our house to have a picnic as soon as we saw the food we couldn’t stop eye-balling them. We sat under the shade on a blanket but the only thing we ate were lollies and popcorn we also had fizzy. MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH was all we heard because we were so hungry popcorn was going lollies were the same. The fizzy ended up everywhere. We started runnin all over the place like headless chickens that have eaten way too much candy. We made a really really big mess outside that you couldn’t even see the blanket. CRUNCH! went the popcorn. SMUSH! went the lollies and the drink we all slipped on. After that we rang by brother in-law on skype  to say “ Happy Birthday”. He was very Merry to hear it. My sister thought for my mum’s birthday they should come over and surprise my mum. She lives in sydney so we hardly see them. So thats why we have picnic’s most of the time.  

Friday, August 8, 2014

Healthy Us

My text.gif
Yesterday we learnt about two things
  • Healthy earth
  • Healthy you

Healthy Earth is about how our rubbish is making it’s way to the sea and killing animals like turtles, seals, Birds and whales.

Healthy you was about how much sugar are in the food we eat. Here is my lunch box and it will show you how much sugar I have in my lunch today.
picture (3).png
  • Drink has 13.1g of sugars in it (3.275 teaspoons)
  • Chips have <1g of sugar ( 4 teaspoons)
  • Crackers <1g of sugar in it ( 4 teaspoon)
  • Fruit 0g of sugar ( 0 teaspoons)
Adding this all together=14.1g of sugar in my lunch

I have 6 pieces of plastic in my lunch that is BAD!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nelson Mandela

  • We were learning about Nelson Mandela we were finding facts about and here is mine.
  • I thought I did my facts really well.
  • Next time I would improve on writing more then what I have now.

Nelson Mandela was born July 18th 1918 in Mvezo South Africa. His dad was the chief of the Thimbu Royalty. When he went to school he was named Rolihlahla but his teacher could not say his name correctly so he was called Nelson for the rest of his life. Soon he was used to his new name and didn’t care. He passed through college and University. Then he received a Law degree. So thats how he became president.

Nelson Mandela was a leader of the ANC. He wanted a non-violence approach. He was accused by the African government for terrorist. After he was imprisoned for 27 years. After he come out people thought that he would be forgotten but he come out and was treated like a king. Then he became the first black president.

I admire Nelson Mandela because he is like a leader he never got angry when blacks were treated differently. Also he never used his hands to change things he used his mind and his words. He’s a very powerful man he made me realise that we need to leave the hands and use the words. That is why I admire him.

Friday, July 4, 2014

My Speech

 This is my speech it is about smoking I think you will like it. What I done well was all the writing and stuff. Next time I should write it and audio boo it so you can listen and follow instead

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Term 2 Reflection.

This is my reflection. It tells you what I enjoyed this term and what I want to do next term. What I done well was the making stuff. Next time I will audioboo it so you can listen to it not have to read it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Warrior Jackets


A MASSIVE Thank you to the Warriors and KidsCan for
the comfy and warm jackets. They are really warm and cozy but sadly this jacket isn’t mine but I still think it’s warm. It’s warm, cozy and comfy. Today my class had received some  Warriors Jersey’s from KidsCan and the Warriors. I think that was the right idea and they are cool as. I want to say again THANK YOU!!!  

Monday, June 23, 2014

About Mataariki

My speech

My Speech
Purpose: To convince/persuade my audience
Topic: Why we need two day weekends

Six days away from my family you’re joking! I have other things to do rather than coming to school every Saturday. Kia ora my name is Amy Ngapeka and I am here today to convince you why we need 2 day weekends.

Firstly, I need sleep man because when I’m tired I can’t focus and when I can’t focus I will start to get in trouble because I will be off task. So therefore that’s why I believe why we need 2 day weekends.

Secondly, I need family time, because when I’m not with my family I start missing them and they start missing me. Also time without my family is not ok because family time is important. Therefore thats why I believe why we need 2 day weekends.

Thirdly, I need to play with my friends. Did you know that I learn lots through playing. Also I have friends who don’t come to the same  school so if I came to school on a Saturday I wouldn’t have anytime to play with them. Also I have chore’s on a Sunday we have to clean outside and inside. So thats I believe we need 2 day weekends.   

In conclusion I have stated three great reasons why we need 2 day weekends.
1. I need sleep.
2. I need family time
3. I need time to play with my friends.
So I think I am right and hopefully I have convinced about why we need 2 day weekends. I’m Amy and I would like to thank you for listening to my speech.

Monday, June 16, 2014

My hurt-free presentation

Last week my class had to make an presentation about being hurt-free here's mine.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Novel Story

This week my reading class has been reading novels(chapter books) and we had to make a presentation. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Recount- A Time I was Successful

WALT: Retell of a past experience
WILF: Audience has all the information needed
"Go Amy Go! Liona cheered. "Nah what if I don't make it". I blurted back you won't know.

First I placed my feet on the rip-stick and slowly road it to the end of the ramp.

Next I looked down and eye-balled how long it was I couldn't believe it I started thinking Nah this might probably put me in a wheel chair. I started going back.

The Liona started giving me a bit of a push "Nah, nah I don't want to do this it's too freaky". I explained. Here I'll show you and off she went like a flash of lightning. I was still think still too scary.

After That I started shaking as she handed it to me I asked her to help me she held me and waited for me to say ready. In no time I ended up frozen I couldn't do it I was too freaked out. I knew I shouldn't have looked down. I knew liona could sense I was scared so she started showing me slowly step by step.

As I slowly come forward I closed my eyes and took 3 deep breaths and counted 1, 2, 3! BOOM! I did it! "oh yeah". I started blurting. I was so happy that I started singing. "Yeah Amy I knew you could do it". Liona uttered. I started thinking yeah I could have never done it without her.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Purpose: Describe a moment in time for the soldiers.
WALT : Describe what and how the ANZAC soldiers would have:
1- Seen, 2- Felt, 3-Heard, 4- Smelt onboard the ship as they waved    
                     goodbye to their loved ones on their way to WAR!

As I sat on the edge of the large, hard steel ship with my legs dangling limply over board I could see……
My kids waving and my wife weeping and waving me good-bye. I felt my heart pounding inside my chest and sweat dripping off my forehead.

I heard my kids blurting out good-bye and every wife down there crying.

I smelt boat fumes coming from the engine and perfume on my uniform from my wife.

I was thinking how dare they do this to me and my family. I may never see them again.

By Amy

Friday, May 16, 2014

My Pepeha

Toku Pepeha

Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te Waka

Ko Puhanga te Maunga

Ko Taheke te Awa

Ko Ngapuhi te Iwi

Ko Ngati ue te Hapu

Ko Pukerata te Marae

Ko Heeni raua ko Mark oku Matua

Ko Amy toku ingoa

No Kaikohe ahau

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Just Kidding

This week for reading we had to read a story,  summarize it and record it on audioboo here is mine. I liked recording myself but next time I need to speak louder.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

About open the box day


Our class was told to write something about open the box day or about your friends I chose open the box day.


Wowzas! I can’t believe I got my very own chromebook I want to rip it open right now. I don’t want to wait I want to do it right now Please no more waiting just more ripping. Less talking more ripping. I cry in joy to see my chromebook. Now that I have I just can’t stop eyeballing  it. I ain’t joking… As soon as I got this I just wanted to rip it not wait. I heard my name get called out by Mrs baits so I could go and get my own chromebook I was so merry. As soon as I got out of the room I kept eyeballing it. So we had the assembly met Alistair and now is the time. We sat down on the mat all of us just ripped through the cardboard no one could stop until we came to the box with the chromebook inside the suspense was killing me just eyeballing the box. Then shrip! We all opened that box and then the cover and finally it was time. we slowly pulled off the chromebook cover I heard a lot of awww’s when people saw the colour of the chromebook but I felt so happy I won’t even let anyone touch it. Miss Wihongi was about to cry but I was so happy I ended up dancing all the way home. Thats the story about my open box day.
By Amy.