Thursday, April 3, 2014

About open the box day


Our class was told to write something about open the box day or about your friends I chose open the box day.


Wowzas! I can’t believe I got my very own chromebook I want to rip it open right now. I don’t want to wait I want to do it right now Please no more waiting just more ripping. Less talking more ripping. I cry in joy to see my chromebook. Now that I have I just can’t stop eyeballing  it. I ain’t joking… As soon as I got this I just wanted to rip it not wait. I heard my name get called out by Mrs baits so I could go and get my own chromebook I was so merry. As soon as I got out of the room I kept eyeballing it. So we had the assembly met Alistair and now is the time. We sat down on the mat all of us just ripped through the cardboard no one could stop until we came to the box with the chromebook inside the suspense was killing me just eyeballing the box. Then shrip! We all opened that box and then the cover and finally it was time. we slowly pulled off the chromebook cover I heard a lot of awww’s when people saw the colour of the chromebook but I felt so happy I won’t even let anyone touch it. Miss Wihongi was about to cry but I was so happy I ended up dancing all the way home. Thats the story about my open box day.
By Amy.


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  3. that was the best story i've heard from a year six