Monday, August 18, 2014

My Recount

In my class long time ago I wrote a recount about what I done in the weekends. What I done well was all the writing. Next Time I will make sure I post this earlier.


WALT: Write a recount using our mind map.


One scorching hot Sunday afternoon me and the rest of my family went to the back of our house to have a picnic as soon as we saw the food we couldn’t stop eye-balling them. We sat under the shade on a blanket but the only thing we ate were lollies and popcorn we also had fizzy. MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH was all we heard because we were so hungry popcorn was going lollies were the same. The fizzy ended up everywhere. We started runnin all over the place like headless chickens that have eaten way too much candy. We made a really really big mess outside that you couldn’t even see the blanket. CRUNCH! went the popcorn. SMUSH! went the lollies and the drink we all slipped on. After that we rang by brother in-law on skype  to say “ Happy Birthday”. He was very Merry to hear it. My sister thought for my mum’s birthday they should come over and surprise my mum. She lives in sydney so we hardly see them. So thats why we have picnic’s most of the time.  

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