Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Nelson Mandela

  • We were learning about Nelson Mandela we were finding facts about and here is mine.
  • I thought I did my facts really well.
  • Next time I would improve on writing more then what I have now.

Nelson Mandela was born July 18th 1918 in Mvezo South Africa. His dad was the chief of the Thimbu Royalty. When he went to school he was named Rolihlahla but his teacher could not say his name correctly so he was called Nelson for the rest of his life. Soon he was used to his new name and didn’t care. He passed through college and University. Then he received a Law degree. So thats how he became president.

Nelson Mandela was a leader of the ANC. He wanted a non-violence approach. He was accused by the African government for terrorist. After he was imprisoned for 27 years. After he come out people thought that he would be forgotten but he come out and was treated like a king. Then he became the first black president.

I admire Nelson Mandela because he is like a leader he never got angry when blacks were treated differently. Also he never used his hands to change things he used his mind and his words. He’s a very powerful man he made me realise that we need to leave the hands and use the words. That is why I admire him.

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