Friday, September 12, 2014


On Friday in 2014 there were 2 groups of boys they swarmed around likes bee’s excitedly waiting. Bullrush they charged through to the other side.

As Leshidus, Wiremu and Deacon run to the other side Jaecib, Ariki and Hoera tackle them down. Leshidus, Wiremu and Deacon were as outraged as a mad gorilla. They really wanted to fight. But there was a teacher around so they agree to do it after school.

Later after school they met at the park. They were all ready to fight till they heard one of the girls “ Sup boys what cha up to”. They all looked to each other from the corner of there eye’s and lie to the girls. So the girls sit and watch what was going to happen. Then the girls sit. Jaecib punches Deacon in the face. Deacon, Leshidus and Wiremu gang up on Jaecib and Ariki.

The girls blurt “stop stop! what are you fallas fighting for. Leshidus says “ They tackled us in bullrush! The girls laugh. “ Ain’t you supposed to do that”. “anyway it’s called bullrush for a reason”.

So they tell the boys to cut it out. “Well apologise to each other Madi vociferate. So they resolved the problem and never ever were to be seen again.