Monday, November 24, 2014

Smashed Windows

This week our school was broken into and some idiots broke into our school and smashed the windows. So here is a story about what I think about people breaking into our school.

WALT: Tell our audience what we think about our school being vandalised.

Seriously who smashes window. Really?!?! Friday is not the day to be smashing windows. Most of the kids had to split into different rooms because of the glass. Kaiako were exasperated with all the glass in the class. Our caretaker Pappy had to clean all the glass and nail in wooden boards. How do you think he feels? Well if you said exasperated , listless etc your right. He even stayed up for hours. I feel for him and us because we have to clean it and pay for all this slapdash. So I think we should take a stand and stick up for our school.